About Me!!

Bernie P

My interests in photography began as a child, stemming  from my father shooting  our family portraits with his bellows camera, then processing & printing all in his makeshift  basement darkroom.  Growing up, I can recall always  having some sort of camera in hand, shooting anything  and everything that I saw of interest. A wise man (dad), once told me its not about the equipment you use that creates this image but the person behind it. To me it's truly inspiring what  this vast spectrum of digital art now offers. I have truly come to love and embrace this format of  photography. I'm a self taught Photographer who  loves the creativity, that can be accomplished  threw the lens of my camera, I feel that this can only be achieved, by not limiting myself to any one specific genre of photography. I embrace all aspects of Photography and  threw this devotion I'm able to accomplish what I consider my fine works of art.

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